A brief overview of SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a procedure of optimizing a website in such way that search engines find it easily and show first while showing search result.


Search engines like google, bing and yahoo launch automated crawlers almost all the places of online and they crawl into the internet to collect data, build an index and store it in a secure database. When a user searches for a data, search engines provide an ordered list of website’s links which is relevant to the searched strings from their database. A SEO affable website is ranked higher by search engines.


 Types of SEO:


There are 3 types of SEO practice according to INMASO. They are:


  1. White Hat SEO:


This is the normal and authorized process of Search engine optimization. Though this method takes some time to improve your website’s rank, it is long lasting. In white hat SEO technique you have to consider the following things:


  • Contents of your site: The most important thing you have to consider for SEO is the articles and posts that you publish on your website. Contents of your site need to be well written, grammatically correct, relevant to the topics and most importantly unique and useful.


  • Keywords: You need to choose one or more keyword or focus word which will be used several times in the written content.


  • Multimedia content: Good mixture of multimedia content is also important along with the written one.


  • Utilization of Social media: Use popular social media for creating regular visitors of your site.


  • Site architecture: Your website’s structure should be clean and well planned. HTML code should be optimized. Visitors will feel comfortable if your site performs faster.


  1. Black Hat SEO:


This type of SEO technique doesn’t follow the standard rules of Search engine Optimization. This process utilizes the vulnerable points in the algorithm of search engines to get top rank for websites. This type SEO is completely unauthorized. This technique can get your site high rank quickly but it doesn’t last long.




  1. Grey Hat SEO:


 This SEO technique is a combination of black hat and white hat technique.


There are another 2 types of SEO according to payment. They are:


  1. Organic SEO:


This is a free process which mainly includes white hat SEO.


  1. Paid SEO:


You need to pay a certain amount of money to search engine companies. Your website’s rank will be in their index as long as you paid the money. If you don’t pay your site will be out of the search engine’s database.


Steps of SEO Process:


SEO procedure can be divided into two stages.


On Page SEO:


On-page SEO starts with selecting appropriate keywords for the web content. You have to use those keywords or focus words in Meta tags, headlines and throughout the article. You should put relevant image and video to enhance the content’s SEO. Besides that, you have to do on-site coding to improve site designing.


Off Page SEO:


Off page SEO include providing back-links on another site. You should use social media to share the links of your contents for attracting people. Check the ranking and traffic of your site and do analyze the report. In addition to that, you need to use bookmarking, directory acquiescence, and do advertising and link building.


SEO is a must for your website if you running a business through your website. If potential customers of your business find your website at first page of the google, bing or other search engines, they will choose you over others. The more traffic you attract the more you get business.


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